Week in Review – August 12-18

Back in the Flow

The gift basket conference I attended in Orlando was great. Everyday I learned something new that I can implement in my business. My daughters and granddaughter (we left all the boys at home) joined me in Florida after the conference was over for a special girls-only week. I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my girls, but I did miss the boys too.

Coming back home from vacation to find that my husband and son cleaned and ate all the food I prepared for them while we were gone, is the best welcome home I could have received.  I made sure I cooked enough for at least the first 4 to 5 days I would be gone, the other 4 days they had to wing-it.  My hubby can cook so it’s not like he would have starved, but cooking was my way of showing them how much I love and would miss them.  I’m glad we decided to come home a few days before having to go back to work, I don’t think I would have been able to pull that off otherwise.

School, School, We Love SCHOOL!

The kids started school this week, so life is getting back to a normal routine.  It’s so fun to get up on that first day of school with butterflies, excitement and curiosity mixed together inside your belly.  My daughter started middle school, so we had the anxiety with the locker and changes classes to get over.  We were on vacation on locker day and you would have swore that the world was coming to an end because she couldn’t decorate her locker with her friends (She forgot all about that while she was having fun on vacation).  When we landed back home, we made sure her school was the first place went went so she could experience all that great frustration of trying to open a middle school locker for the first time.

My son, who got his first car last month is excited to be able to drive to school instead of riding the dreaded yellow bus. He’s also looking forward to this being his last year of high school.  He’s taking some hard classes to bring up his GPA for college since he has some lofty goals he wants to accomplish this year. Over all, both the kids are working hard to make this a great year, and my hubby and I are so very proud.

It’s Been a Hard Night Sleep

We got our new mattress after a long bout with the mattress company.  My hubby and I were so excited to finally be rid of  the memory foam bed, however I think we got a little too excited and now we have a really nice, expensive bed that feels like we’re sleeping on concrete. Instead of calling the mattress company back for another (which would be the 4th) mattress, we’re going to invest in a mattress pad and call it a day.




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