Mattress: The Trilogy

Our new mattress was finally delivered yesterday after weeks of back and forth conversations with the company. Now that the bed is here, I’m thinking it may be too firm, YIKES!  This is now our third mattress and I’m not even sure I can sleep on this one for ten to twelve more years.  So instead of calling the company back and looking like a complete idiot and to save face, I will buy a memory foam mattress top, which hopefully will give me that small amount of softness I’m looking for along with the firmness of the mattress – which I need for my aching back.  Mattress The Trilogy Blog Pic

As I stated in a recent Week in Review blog post, we have had two memory form mattresses and after a short period of time, I was not able to get out of the bed!  My back would lock up – it was just a bad situation all around. Now that I have what my back needs, I think it will just take some time to get used to.  My husband says it feels like he’s sleeping on the floor, so I know I want to give him some relief by getting the mattress pad very soon. So as for now, there will not be a part four to this saga, but…you never know.


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