Week in Review

Week in Review – August 12-18

Back in the Flow

The gift basket conference I attended in Orlando was great. Everyday I learned something new that I can implement in my business. My daughters and granddaughter (we left all the boys at home) joined me in Florida after the conference was over for a special girls-only week. I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my girls, but I did miss the boys too.

Coming back home from vacation to find that my husband and son cleaned and ate all the food I prepared for them while we were gone, is the best welcome home I could have received.  I made sure I cooked enough for at least the first 4 to 5 days I would be gone, the other 4 days they had to wing-it.  My hubby can cook so it’s not like he would have starved, but cooking was my way of showing them how much I love and would miss them.  I’m glad we decided to come home a few days before having to go back to work, I don’t think I would have been able to pull that off otherwise.

School, School, We Love SCHOOL!

The kids started school this week, so life is getting back to a normal routine.  It’s so fun to get up on that first day of school with butterflies, excitement and curiosity mixed together inside your belly.  My daughter started middle school, so we had the anxiety with the locker and changes classes to get over.  We were on vacation on locker day and you would have swore that the world was coming to an end because she couldn’t decorate her locker with her friends (She forgot all about that while she was having fun on vacation).  When we landed back home, we made sure her school was the first place went went so she could experience all that great frustration of trying to open a middle school locker for the first time.

My son, who got his first car last month is excited to be able to drive to school instead of riding the dreaded yellow bus. He’s also looking forward to this being his last year of high school.  He’s taking some hard classes to bring up his GPA for college since he has some lofty goals he wants to accomplish this year. Over all, both the kids are working hard to make this a great year, and my hubby and I are so very proud.

It’s Been a Hard Night Sleep

We got our new mattress after a long bout with the mattress company.  My hubby and I were so excited to finally be rid of  the memory foam bed, however I think we got a little too excited and now we have a really nice, expensive bed that feels like we’re sleeping on concrete. Instead of calling the mattress company back for another (which would be the 4th) mattress, we’re going to invest in a mattress pad and call it a day.




Weeks In Review – July 29 – August 11

I’m back from my 9 day business/vacation and I must say it was a blast!

The first part of my trip was for business.  The National Gift Basket Convention was held in Orlando this year, which was perfect for me since we have property there.  The convention was for two days and it’s always full of great information for us to take back to implement in our businesses.  The best part of the convention for me is getting a chance to speak with new entreprenuers who are excited and ready to start successful business. I have been in the gifting industry for over 11 years and I must say it’s been a wonderful journey, so when ever I have the opportunity to encourage someone else, I jump at the chance.  I too get a boost and recharge while there, I learn so much about the latest trends, and simply just how to make my business better.

Gift Basket Convention

Second leg of my trip was simply family fun.  When I originally found out about the convention being in Orlando, I told my husband that we should turn this into a family vacation. Unfortunately, my husband’s work schedule prohibited him from being able to go and also my two sons were not able to go due to working and sport committments.  So I decided to make it a girls getaway with my two daughters and granddaughter. Unfortunately, I can’t say I got a lot of rest, but every outing was so worth it.  The freedom to get up and go where we wanted to each day, to eat at some great, delicious resturants, and of course…SHOP! We really had a great time together.

Florida Vacation 2013

Now that the pixi dust has settled, life has returns back to normal.

Adventures of My Week ~ July 15-21

A day late, but better than never – I alway say.   I want to get my week in reveiw posts out every Monday, and I am definitely working on making that happen going forward.  I decided to discontinue my Thankful Thursday posts since I can share it all in my week in reviews.

The couch the cat built

When we first got our cat Cinnamon, she would use our leather sofa as a spring board to jump from one location to another.  It was all so cute (at first) until one day I noticed her little back claws had began to make very slight slices in my sofa.  Now it’s one year later and she’s full grown and trained, so we took the seat cushions to be repaired by a leathersmith (which by the way, I’m not happy about). I should have my sofa back to normal in 3 to 4 business days – yea!

Painful memories of a good night sleep

We’re on mattress number 2 and about to purchase mattress number 3, all within one year.  Why you ask? I really loved the idea of having one of those memory foam beds, the commercials make them look like you can’t live (or sleep) without them.  We shopped around, found one we really liked (granted I only layed on it for 5 minutes in the store) and bought it.  about 3 months after, I could not get out of bed without help from my hubby.  My back would lock up and I would have to lay on the floor for a couple of minutes with my feet up the wall to relieve the stiffness. We called the company and expressed my discomfort – they graciously refunded us 100% and we began the quest again.  My husband convienced me that it was that “particular bed,” since he really wanted to stick with the memory foam style.  We ended up purchasing another brand of mattress and within a month…the same thing.  I think I’m all out of love with the memory foam.  So now we are starting over for the last time to find me a good night sleep.  I’ll keep you posted on this adventure.

Mini family getaway

We decided to plan a mini vacaction with my oldest daughter (and granddaughter) and middle son this past weekend, since our oldest son was away working in another state and our youngest daughter was on a week-long trip with some close family friends.  It’s more fun when we all are together for sure, but it was nice to get away and not have to worry about cooking, cleaning or working for three days.  The weather was nice and we stayed out of the hotel as much as we possibly could. Eventhough we stayed in the state, we got so see so many beautiful sites. I love Missouri.

Branson Trip

We’ve decided to take another mini vacation once we are all back together again.

Adventures of my Week in Review (May 20th-26th)

Not a busy week for me, so I thought this would be a great time to start a new segment of my blog that recaps my week.  Most of this past week was dedicated to our children since Friday was their last day of school. The kids could not be more excited, as for my husband and I…not so much.  As I’ve stated before, I have two kids still at home, a 17 year old – who is officially a senior and an 11 year old is is officially a 6th grader. The kids have busy, fun summers ahead of them and I’m expecting great things to be learned and experienced by them both.  On Tuesday, Jada (our 11 year old) was not happy to have to get two cavities filled.  She did well even when she had to get the shot to deaden the area, I was so proud of her.  I think she held all her tears until she got in the car – and she sobbed all the way home.  She promised to brush her teeth twice a day for the rest of her life.  Wednesday, Jada graduated from 5th grade – no more elementary school.  The ceremony was very nice and it was great to see Jada being honored for her achievements.  We celebrated by taking Jada to her favorite place to eat…IHop for pancakes (at 8pm).

Saturday my family and I spent the day with my older sister to celebrating her birthday.  We ate at Pappy’s Barbecue in St. Louis.  I had never been before, however it is very tasty and pretty cool atmosphere (down home southern style) – well worth the fifty minute drive from my home.

As I stated, not a busy week,  but it was fun to be around family and friends.















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