I Needed Some Elbow Room

IMG_0030I haven’t been feeling like much of a superwoman of late. I recently underwent elbow surgery on my left elbow and have been out of commission longer than I thought I would.  I have never been one to not be busy doing something and all I’ve been able to do lately is be in the house and feel helpless.  I never knew how much I depend on my other arm and now that it’s in a sling for 2 weeks, I am learning fast to depend on others to help me.  My husband and oldest daughter have been my biggest helpers. My daughter helps me by preparing dinners and helps me with my hair.  My husband should definitely be called a superman, because that is exactly what he is.  He’s such a wonderful support for me.

Did I ever tell you how stubborn I am…ok, well I’m a little stubborn.  

It’s when the  swelling started to prohibit me from closing my left hand, is when I decided it was time to take the prescribed meds from the doctor.  I don’t like taking medicine when I don’t have to.  We all see the commercials, the side-affects are twice as long as what the medicine cures. So I was pretty adamant about not taking them, but we all know there comes a time when you have to bite the bullet (in this case the pill).

So i’m on the road to recovery, taking my medicine and getting better every day.  I look forward to having my left arm back so it doesn’t take me one hour to write another blog!


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